TD 2018 A-League

Competition Summary

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Competition Summary

Results after scoring Grand Final

No winners this round.

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Top 10 Tippers
1st Paterson, Matt 177
2nd Melhuish, Doug 176
3rd Tumbridge, John 168
4th Bywater, Aaron 168
5th Summerson, Michele 167
6th Jollye, Nicholas 167
7th Butt, Anthony 166
8th Skrabanich, Rodney 164
9th Petrovics, Karina 164
10th oregan, jeffrey 163

Bottom 10 Tippers
420th Parkinson, Melissa -28
420th PAUL, SUE -28
420th Pilcer, Marc -28
420th Prior, Peter -28
420th Shaw, Amy -28
420th Stalker, Rachael -28
420th Triscari, Anthony -28
420th Wilkinson, David -28
420th Wolstenholme, Myles -28

Results for Games in Round 30
Perth Glory 1 lost to Sydney F.C. 4