TD 2019 A-League

Competition Summary

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Competition Summary

Results after scoring Round 20

Round winner:

Kirk, Robert - Bragging rights

The prize for Round 21 is: $100 travel voucher courtesy Breakaway Travelclub

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Top 10 Tippers
1st Macalister, Glen 128
2nd Melhuish, Natasha 113
3rd Cardenas, Felipe 113
4th vraca, Lou 113
5th Reinold, Andreas 111
6th Stewart, Matt 111
7th Viegas, John 110
8th Alvarez, Christina 110
9th Segal, Pam 109
10th Hodge, Shelley 109

Bottom 10 Tippers
344th Wilkinson, David -12
344th Williams, Stephen -12
344th Willis, Peter -12
344th Wilmer, Gerd -12
344th wolstenholme, myles -12
344th Wolstenholme, Myles -12
344th Wood, Joey -12
344th Wykes, Natalie -12
344th Yoon, Dennis -12
344th Zagaras, Stephen -12

Results for Games in Round 20
Wellington Phoenix 2 defeated Western United 0
Western Sydney Wanderers 5 defeated Adelaide United 2
Newcastle Jets 1 drew Melbourne Victory 1
Central Coast Mariners 0 lost to Sydney F.C. 3
Brisbane Roar 1 drew Perth Glory 1

Fixtures for Round 21
Closes Fri 28/2/2020 19:20
Sydney F.C.   v Wellington Phoenix  
Western United   v Central Coast Mariners  
Newcastle Jets   v Perth Glory  
Melbourne Victory   v Adelaide United  
Melbourne City   v Brisbane Roar